Interchangeable and adjustable high ramped rib.
This light alloy high ramped rib can be mounted on every flat rib Salvinelli shotgun.
Less than one minute mounting time.
Stock with adjustable comb.
The mechanism has been made by using a system with heads knurled with self-centring square base, in order to have a wider anchorage surface.
Sporting cap and mesh shooting vest with leather shooting pad.  
Case in ABS with 3 combination locks and thermoformed velvety inlay, for one O/U shotgun.
Case in ABS with leather finishing, inlay covered with velvet and 3 combination locks, for one O/U shotgun.
Set of 5 stainless steel interchangeable choke tubes with service wrench.
Engineered to resist steel shot stress and corrosion.
Adjustable trigger (available on request).
It is adjustable to 4 positions for length of pull fit to better customize the gun to the shooter’s hand and shooting style. Engineered to allow a handy and precise adjustment of the trigger without any tools.

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