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bronze medal baku 2015  

Salvinelli wins Bronze medal in men's Skeet at the 1st European Games in Baku.

Kemppainen and Salvinelli  

Olympic medalist Marko Kemppainen with his winning Salvinelli L1.


The three Salvinelli brothers, operators in the arms sector since 1955, can boast years of experience in the manufacture of hunting guns and replicas of antique arms.

To crown 50 years of business and enter the new millennium as leaders in the élite sector of clay shooting, the three Salvinelli brothers have designed the prestigious new product line "Sydney 2000", planned on the occasion of the Australian Olympic Games.
This line of competition shotguns, that combines the most updated technological means with the ancient traditions of craftsmanship, is designed to satisfy the exacting demands of the sportsmen specialised in clay target shooting and places "Armi Salvinelli" in the very forefront of Italian producers.