The third generation

Salvinelli gunmakers

The Salvinelli name has been synonymous with fine hand-crafted shotguns for decades. In 1950 the Salvinelli family started making shotguns in Val Trompia, Italy’s traditional gun making region since the 1500’s. The company is now headed by the third generation (Roberto Salvinelli and Mauro Salvinelli), each upholding the strong traditions of fine craftsmanship, commitment to quality and exceptional customer care.


Fine handmade shotguns from Val Trompia

Each shotgun is made to order

The Shotguns


This means, that each gun is crafted with a specific customer in mind. Every year the workshop produces a limited quantity of fine guns, each of which is unique. The factory does not carry any stock, and consequentially this means, that unlike with mass produced guns, each client can specify the features and options they wish their gun to incorporate.

Salvinelli does not advertise as much as other manufacturers, which allows for a higher spend in materials as well as fit and finish.


Every client is special to us

Our Clients

In true artisan tradition, we work with our clients to build them a gun that is built exclusively for them. Our pledge to our clients is to deliver a gun that reflects their requirements within a reasonable amount of time. We do not sacrifice client service and turnaround times for the sake of increasing production quantities. Limited production quantities allow us to concentrate on quality of the guns. We would rather produce the most desirable gun in our segment, rather than become a "household name".