Salvinelli game guns are made for the discerning shooter in mind. A wide array of available barrel lengths make the gun adaptable for various types of game shooting, from fast moving pigeons to driven game and high pheasants. Each gun can naturally be ordered with a number of barrel sets, each adapted to the specific game. We can accommodate various classical game stock types, such as an English stock, a Prince of Wales (semi-pistol grip) stock and normal pistol-grip stocks.

Usually delivered with a selective trigger, screw in chokes, a Schnabel fore-end and a 7x7mm rib, the game guns open themselves to be customised in the same way as other Salvinelli – guns and are available in the same model variations. We naturally accommodate our game guns to be ordered in pairs with consecutive serial numbers, and offer also 20 ga barrel sets to add versatility to the gun.

Available in the traditional understated blued / hard chromed finishes, the Game – models are available with various engraving options and, like other Salvinelli guns, is fully customizable to each of our client’s unique needs. Please refer to the below chart and our “models” page to some of the possible configurations.


Gauge 12
Chamber 70mm / 76mm
Barrels length 71cm / 76cm
Top rib Parallel ventilated (7mm x 7mm)
Side rib Solid or ventilated
Trigger Selective or non-selective
Drop 35/55mm
Stock length 375mm
Pad Full rubber
Packing Case in ABS with 3 combination locks
Sight Red bead
Chokes Choke tubes (set of 5 pieces with wrench) or fixed
Forend Schnabel / Round
Checkering on stock & forend By hand

* High pressure test.
** Ported barrels, long polished chamber forcing cones, custom made stock, adjustable comb, adjustable trigger and steel shot on request.

Engravings for Game Shotguns


Interested in Custom Guns?

To initiate the process of having a Custom – series gun built for yourself, we would kindly invite you to contact either the dealer in charge of your country of residence or alternatively contact the factory.